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Lanka – Bollywood movie

Saw the movie a few days back on YouTube – worth a watch if you ask me. If only for Manoj Bajpai. Story was more or less predictable but turned out to be different than what I’d thought, so yeah, not really as predictable.

There are new-comers Arjan Bajwa & Tia Bajpai in the movie (wikipedia tells me that she was the finalist of reality show sa re ga ma pa) – and naah, as I incorrectly thought, doesn’t seem to have any relation with Manoj Bajpai.

Both have acted fairly well and look good on screen, Manoj Bajpai however, steals the show.

Then there’s Yashpal Sharma (the Gangajal guy, besides his many other movies) and he is as good as always.

As you would gather after hearing the storyline, the name of the movie points to a story of a girl who is held captive by a gangster in a small town in UP – Bijnaur, and yearns for some saviour to rescue her from this Lanka.

 Sad part is that she has no ‘Ram’ to do that, ‘Vibhishan’ will have to come to the rescue. It really doesn’t make sense the way I’m pitting it and yeah, that’s not exactly the plot to be precise.

Go watch it, it’s there on YouTube – here’s the link

You already saw it? How did you find the movie?