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Transit of venus – June 6, 2012 – watch it upclose

So I just, through a tweet, got to this blogpost which explains step by step instructions to watch this phenomenon using binoculars.

Interesting – now only if I can spare some time, this looks like a good DIY project – it’s not time consuming at all – to get to make this contraption.

What’s this astronomical event? Well, go here for more info (again taken from Ian Musgrave’s blog)

What, you don’t have binoculars? Go get them – may I suggest playgroundonline.com for that – decent price ( at about 2k you can buy the one I bought a few weeks back – solognac 200) – will put the link later. Gotta go right now #ShutterDown, @dukaan band

Go go – you can also click some pics (says Ian’s post) – let’s see if I get to do that. If I do, you know where to find them ( hell, I need to stop talking to myself — sometimes it’s like no one’s here and I’m still ranting about it – something like Google +)