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Hashtags and the associated rage

Today I witnessed a Hashtag become a rage – just like any other day – the difference being it was relevant and I could easily participate and add some value to it.

The topic was Awesome Indian Things with the hashtag #awesomeindianthings where everything from celebrities (mostly the infamous ones) to cattle on road to samosa was entered.

The amazing part was it was a trending topic on twitter and for quite some time, was number one trending topic — which, certainly requires a lot and lot of involvement from a lot lot of people.

Everybody I knew was stark raving mad on the trend and lashing out their creative best to add to the #

As it usually happens, sometime later it fell to number 2 and as I write this it’s in number 5 and by the time you read this, it would be nowhere to be found — such is the dynamic world of twitter — millions of conversation about a particular thing for a brief period and then all dud! — except for things like #nowplaying and day-wise trends (#ff #musicmonday et al)

What a phenomenon this twitter thing is — and to the one who is un-participating or unaware, it is far from comprehensible — why, I myself do get foxed by some trends.

Long live twitter — till the time some other form of rage comes in!

What is twitter? trending? hashtag? — I’m out of breath elaborating on this…go to wikipedia or google to know more — but the fastest & best is to ask an avid twitter user — will save much of your time while answering your new questions that may come up while he is answering the previous ones…but queries will be answered is my belief.
Image Courtesy: effingthedog

P.S. – Post writing this post, I witnessed bigger, better phenomenon once the #epic #hashtag #Thingswewantback was created by @tyagiG

How to automatically tweet your new blog posts, like this one!

Have a twitter account?
Have a blog?
You feel it would be nice if your new blog posts are tweeted automatically?

If the answer to any of the questions above is NO, please move on. There is not much that you can benefit from by reading the following. For others, here it is:

  1. Go to twitterfeed.com. Actually the next steps below are self-explanatory if you are into twitterfeed.com, but I’ll explain that anyway.
  2. Get an account there – You just need an email ID
  3. Twitter as a service is the default selection. No need to touch that!
  4. Authenticate your twitter account, i.e let twitter verify that you would like to authorise Twitterfeed to publish the things into your twitter account. This is a one time activity
  5. Having done the above step, Step 2 is shown- name feed and add source URL
  6. Give the feed a name – If you are going to keep multiple feeds, it would be good if you keep each one in an organised manner.
  7. Add Rss feed URL – this can be got from the Blog page of your blog.
  8. - In case you have a Blogger blog, it should be something like this http://feeds.feedburner.com/YourBlogTitle
    - In case it is a WordPress blog, it would be something like this
    Pray, replace the YourBlogTitle and YourBlogAddress with your relevant addresses, in my case for this blog, the Rss feed URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/Aurbatao

  9. You can also test the rss feed by clicking the test button
  10. Advance settings? Yeah, you can play with that to make customizations as per your whims. Like I have chosen to have each auto-tweet to begin with ‘New Blog post:’ Plus I also shorten the URLs using a service. Play around!
  11. Click “Create Feed” — DONE!

I hope this helped. If it did, I’d like you to show your gratitude. Pls leave a comment. I’d love to comment on that!

twitter twitter everywhere

Yes, as everybody else, I too am writing about twitter. There are so many things around twitter that have been built. Just my attempt to write the most crazy and different ones over here.

  1. Tweets from mars phoenix !
  2. Species that tweet – Horse; Dog; Cat;
  3. Plants – This one i didn’t explore much
  4. HOUSE This one’s got a name too, I mean a expansion of SARAH!

This last one has been too much for me to take — I cease to write.
Here’s Cofi — He to tweets, only intermittently just like most of us.

Any other weirder entities that you know which tweet?

- tweet from excel! (Via @neverclever)