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some interesting startups

Here is a list of few technologies, startups, new ventures, services/products that bymy opinion are reaching out the next level of innovation.

The basis of selection??
- Let me put it this way, it’s not according to my whims and fancies! and I’ve tried to refrain from cluttering by listing only a few of them – believe (u) me, there are a lot more out there working their s’es off but just cannot be seen / comprehended right now. In fact I’d write another one for those incomprehensible ones.

Most of the ones listed here are doing great – using the old school logic that since I know about them, they are doing great!

Here they are:

  1. TringMe
    • CategoryMobile services – VoIP

    I know I know you already know about them. They have been in news everywhere for their revolutionary VoIP based solutions. They clarified a lot many doubts (including mine) on the VoIP based solutions in India. Clarity in voice, low on cost, adaptablity to different media – widgets, IM’s, voice mails, direct PC to mobile call; their ‘intelligent call-routing system‘ are some of the unique features offered by them.As much as I know about TringMe, I feel the future is quite bright for them – especially with the ever-increasing mobile / broadband penetration- everybody, all the time is looking for easier, better, less-expensive solution and if TringMe can do that, they get the cake.

    Way to go the long way!

  2. Alabot
    • CategoryNatural Language Processing – talk to computer and let it help you!

    This is some real cool app that these guys at alabot have come up with. Currently the offering is for travel inquiries – instant ‘on the fly’

    The concept – add it to your buddy list, for GTalk users, add alabot.travel@gmail.com as one of your contact – finito!
    Just start chatting with it as if it were just another friend of yours. Of course, it’s not
    perfect human but it’s the closest to being one. C’mon now what are u expecting? just give it a query on flight details and it will reply back with the details in almost a flash with a link to go ahead & purchase. Now what could be the details required from your end – obvious – start, end destinations; no. of travellers ; date of travel and ………. that’s it.
    It understands language like a human, it rectifies spell errors
    I’m sure a lot more services can be added – using their technology.

    Go Ahead get to know alabot it!

  3. mScriber
    • CategorySpeech Recognition – Say your thing and let it be written!

    This is again interesting, fascinating, long-time persuaded speech recognition. I remember during my college days computer ppl doing some projects on this.
    It was always a fascination to speak something and that be written and we had many softwares – Microsoft, dragon-speak easy amongst many others… they had many inherent problems, primary being the
    training where one would have to sit for hours and train the s/w to adapt to ur accent – i remember sitting and reading some novel hoping that it’d finally get my accent and type accordingly – it did that but to a very non-satisfying level – i had to be very very careful, speaking each word clearly and explicitly. summary: not worth the effort.
    Here comes mscriber and their s/w has been trained comprehensively – one really has to mess it up big time for it to not understand ur words.

    The concept
    – ‘eliminate ur texting needs’ – I’d just explain one of their various services – Voice2SMS – you will never have to write an SMS again.
    Just call their number ; follow the instructions – speak up the number where u want to send this message; speak ur message – finito!
    For testing purposes, I tried this with different accents and except for when I really got too desi/firang in my accent, the results were what I had expected.

    So what’s so great about this? who would want to call up someone and then speak something which would then be sent as SMS to some number, that too with some errors?
    Hey, this was just an example of the technology — for the things that this technology can lead to, read their blog

    Speak easy and it really understands.

That’s it folks, they were the Top 3 – You got to see them if you already haven’t. I’m quite bullish about these technologies, how about you?