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What happens when you get too many RTs

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Yesterday I tweeted something and what RTs I received to this!! I mean, people would get 100x more RTs than this (say, If Sashi Tharoor said something) but I was really overwhelmed by the sheer no of RTs in less than an hour or so and then it still kept on flowing…ok just checked, the number is not so high (about 70-75) but still it is quite high for me, my highest.

And although I get nothing out of it (as we were discussing when this was happening), I still am excited about it when it’s been almost 24 hrs since i tweeted that.

Sachin you rule!

5 minute relevant post

Some posts are relevant for a life-time, some for shorter duration. some for just a few moments.

Sachin is about to create history with 17,000 runs — and how many records has he set already.
I’m sure it’ll be same when he is nearing 18k mark…

So in office all are watching Live TV on their computers, watching people in the stadium praying, and very emotional.

I think it should be done by the time I click post over here.

Who is more popular

Just had a discussion a few days back, with two personalities being compared:

1) Master Blaster – Sachin Tendulkar

2) Super Star – Shahrukh Khan

The debate was on ‘who do you think is more popular’ and just that. Not who has more money or who is a better man.

As for me, Sachin’s certainly a Legend, just like SRK and only bigger one at that.
But I do not agree if you say he is a real life hero or real performer. I feel both the legends are giving output of some entertainment media.

And I’m also a fan of Sachin, love him, watch cricket primarily for him, cherish the moment I accidentally stumbled onto him!!! nothing of the sort with SRK — he is smart, quick to quip, a better front-man for any representation.

Although it’s not a level-field comparison, both are in different fields and thus just can’t be compared — But that’s the question

I say, in his field, Sachin certainly rules – Globally. Same is not true for the other.