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memory remains – Raka

I just thought i’ll mention a few weird incidents that happened with some of us…

Place: AIMT, greater noida,
Time: sometime in the night
The thing: so we were drinking, raising a toast to our beloved friend – Sanjeev Chand’s birthday.
Although there were restrictions on alcohol consumption inside the college premises, our enthusiasm needed a restriction of greater force and not just these letters on the joining instructions, and besides who is supposed to follow such instructions when the D himself had been spotted in inebriated state slinging crap, which most of us, although had been through crap of levels unimaginable, did not expect from a person in the position that he was in and we didn’t expect him to be in the position that he was in is a different matter altogether.
If I remember that incident correctly, included in the party were
• Atul
• Kuber
• Ritesh
• Madhur
• Me
And surprisingly Sanjeev wasn’t there…..
Anyway continuing with the “Raka incident “, so all of us were drrrrunkkk……and there were several other parallel parties going on in the hostel, meaning a lotta chaos in the hostel, enough to wake the sleeping dogs up.
Yeah, we – atul, madhur, ritesh, kuber and me are in atul’s room and raka walks in, in his usual slow pace and says in the most casual manner “ abe warden aa raha hai, daaru vagerah zara chupa lo”….i still can’t believe it, raka wasn’t drinking that day.
I still remember we had those videos, which have been lost in this digital world, with kuber and me singing our spirited version of “riders on the storm” and of course there were several thought-provoking discussions going on with topics varying from philosophy of life to whether a person should join the armed forces or not.

Needless to say, by the time we realized raka was not joking, the warden was there along with the Registrar – Lt. Col. Riyaz Khan, and it was a photographic moment – atul and I were planning to throw the empty bottles from the balcony and see who could throw it farther, so when the warden came in he sees atul with this bottle of old monk and all the other drunkards are saying whatever they want to whoever they want, knowing all the while that nobody gives a damn but still saying it to increase the intensity of the chaos and when we had the pleasure of extracting the pleasure from S C Pathak , the warden himself who wanted more…ok the last thing in the para isn’t true…nobody liked talking to him or even getting in a discussion of any sort in which he was a part.
All of us were caught and it was a mass breath-test that took place in the hostel that night with Riyaz sir’s sense of smell benchmarking the students as either drunk or heavily drunk….i’m not even considering the ones who did not drink that day.

So what we (I don’t even remember if anyone else did it) did was chewed some ‘gutka’ to create a destructive interference of the odour of the alcohol and gutka and I seriously thought it was a good outcome…………I was drrrrrrrrunkkkkkkkkk.
So when my testing time came, warden took over and immediately declared “ isne Gutka chabaya hai sir”…… and since I was drunk I had to argue that I was not and I presented my logic to Riyaaz sir, and he screamed back” U are drunk”….
Kuber was even funnier , he somehow slipped off and slept, or at least pretended to sleep, but our warden smart that he was, quickly followed him and even though Kuber tried hard to act and assure him that he was in deep sleep, was woken up by warden and told to get ready for the test. Kuber had chewed some pepsodent and thought that he would be set free, he too was drrrrrrrrunkkkkkkk……..

Then there was madhur, who thought by arguing and saying that he had had just two pegs could escape the wrath of mr.warden himself…..how wrong he was – “ Madhur beta……nahin …no….galat baat……aapne sharaab pee hai…..”…….he was declared drrrrrunkkk.

So our recent past caught up with us and all of us were declared drunk………
Letters to the parents would be couriered the next day with of course a big fine being slapped on each of our faces.

So why is this post named after raka if it is the drunkards who are being discussed, of which raka is not one?
Well, it still remains in my memory as one of the most improper communication, not in the words but in the way it was suggested….. The sense of urgency shown in that information that raka provided, was just not there