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Who is more popular

Just had a discussion a few days back, with two personalities being compared:

1) Master Blaster – Sachin Tendulkar

2) Super Star – Shahrukh Khan

The debate was on ‘who do you think is more popular’ and just that. Not who has more money or who is a better man.

As for me, Sachin’s certainly a Legend, just like SRK and only bigger one at that.
But I do not agree if you say he is a real life hero or real performer. I feel both the legends are giving output of some entertainment media.

And I’m also a fan of Sachin, love him, watch cricket primarily for him, cherish the moment I accidentally stumbled onto him!!! nothing of the sort with SRK — he is smart, quick to quip, a better front-man for any representation.

Although it’s not a level-field comparison, both are in different fields and thus just can’t be compared — But that’s the question

I say, in his field, Sachin certainly rules – Globally. Same is not true for the other.

10 Most popular

I’d asked this on my tweet as well – The question being “Who do you think is the most popular human being in the world?”

When I say most popular, the scale is what I’m talking about — be it region-wise (village / city / town, asia / europe / US, north/west/south/east) or age-wise (kids / teenagers / adults / older ppl) or relationship wise (friends / relatives / colleagues) — ever in history – dead or alive.

A difficult question to answer — better would be to have a set of people rather than singling out one.

I tried googling it as well, but perhaps wasn’t quite able to frame the right search query.

My take on the short-listed:
1) Michael Jackson — yeah the recent news storm actuated the thought, besides him being my first guess.
2) Mahatma Gandhi
3) Alexander The Great
4) Muhammad Ali
5) Adolf Hitler
6) Elvis Presley
7) Mother Teresa
8) Arnold Schwarzenegger
9) Jesus Christ
10) Osama Bin Laden

Now the popularity could be not about know about the person — just having heard the name would suffice as a popularity parameter.

What’s your opinion?

There are many that I didn’t include in the list, simply because there’s no end to it and 10 seemed like a decent figure.

Update: here is another post that talks about the same thing.