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when not physically well, everything’s unwell

yeah, that’s absolutely true.
Just got sick after quite some time — probably the recent trip to Jammu did this.
What I’m saying is when something’s missing, it’s only then do you miss the ‘perfectness’. Additionally, if I have fever, which is currently true, i see the world with a lot less enthusiasm – nothing seems to be good, i miss the ‘better me’ — but then i do believe in the power of mind and the fact that it all depends on what you think it is — if i am down and start thinking that it’s fine, just a day or two’s issue, it starts feeling better — but again if i know it’s all psychological, i would also know that ‘no, i’m not well , i’m just trying to fool myself that i am well’! — so gotta play carefully with the mind — bend it to believe that indeed it is true and see it is true — u know that mind over matter thing

here, cheer yourself with a random pic-i-clic

any guesses who this nigger is?