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This would be a day easily forgotten but for my log entries here.
Got some news which although I always knew would be coming my / our way, wasn’t really expected to come this soon. Mt called us – ankit, atul, siddharth, asif and me inside the cabin and gave us the news we all had pre-empted anyway. Had some usual issues, went for lunch with ankit to achha kaho, achha khilao – our usual spot on for lunch.
much of the day till now has gone with discussion on the outbreak of the unofficial news – will keep myself posted on the latest on this – am myself not clear on the future happenings – but rocking times – good or bad, coming ahead!

Blow …blow …low…ow

Much as annoyed as I was to see high-visibility headlines of Times of India yesterday, they just broke ma back with the continuation / addition of spices onto that with their another high-demand gimmick – poll / view-point – Today again!!
So, wrote a quick note…
here it is:

Ridiculous that you guys(times grp) has blown the things out of proportion and that too to the levels wherein not one day, it is the freaking headline kind of news for you to publish two days in a row.
needless, to say it has been done to supply the daily dose of useless information / comments.

the whole issue is pointless – relax, he is the supremo and what Mr Frank said is in a pure light humorous sense, in a light stride.
it’s a pain to see that instead of laughing it away, a revenue/marketing stream has been generated out of it.

nice bad work… expected nothing lesser!
not Times, (it’s just doing plain business, filling the supply-demand gap) it the preposterous comments from everybody(including some authoritative people).

Everybody is thinking, he just said it!

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