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Kickass mornings

*disclaimer: this is, by any standards, a completely useless piece of information. Go ahead only if you expect nothing and then at the end, can accept it.

Saw this extremely funny ticker on Mtv early in the morning today…it was giving sign-wise prediction of the day for different zodiac …while there were some which said
scorpio – wear your right one first when putting on socks today
pisces – something something…
quite witty was one which said
– you will receive a Hi5 friend request today…. and much to your embarrassment, you would accept it.

true isn’t it – the way Hi5 has been trying to gain traffic / users.
i mean i really got a Hi5 request today – just like everyday. what’s the idea? let me use my imagination – it must be
‘let’s get the networking effect. we need to create awareness first – everyday, everyone….even if we get one user who uploads his address book, we need to make sure all the contacts get registered or at least an e-mail in their inbox with Hi5 somewhere in the subject’

‘how do we do this boss, if we send them requests jlt, they would feel spammed’

‘exactly, this is where we are to be different and without caring for this term – spam, what is it btw?- we NEED to send at least 1 request a day to ALL the e-mail addresses that have ever been seen by our servers…..understood??’

‘yes sir’

‘hope there are no doubts on this now….Spam, eh…’

‘(sighs, sulks, khoon ke aansoo pee jaata hai)’
and thus i know there is someone, somewhere who has registered on Hi5 and he has my e-mail address in his address book……

may be some day i relent to this and instead of deleting the message, i click on the link and end up joining the network and may be I like the whole idea as well — someday, but till then it’s going to be the delete button.