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Roll out of the mobile broadband – 3G services in India

Hmmm… i read that.
Of course, it was long awaited and am pretty excited about
that and in the same breath I’d like to say that somehow,
i’m not convinced it’s going to be a big game changer!
I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

What it means? essentially one thing-Internet on the move!
while one may argue that such a state exists already,
try experiencing it and more often than not, it’ll be
a strenuous exercise(Or is it just me who uses them inefficiently)
To even check mail on my cell, i have to muster courage
and get motivated enough to give it a try!
While that may be a little exaggerated, the point
remains – the services are painfully slow right now.

This would be eliminated by 3G — coming soon (in a year or so!)

Another issue I have is the pricing of data services
by the operators.
Wonder which side the pricing bar would slide to.

Amidst all this what I’m waiting for is the variety
of new, innovative, luxurious-turning-to-essential services.
The list would be poetically – eternal.

– I’d get all the e-mails and would be hardly accessing
computer-internet for that.

Location Based Services
– How amazing it would be with integration of mobile
and internet.
Just imagine my location is always definable and I’m
always connected to the internet too.
I’m in sector 2 and get to know that a particular route
for my destination is experiencing a traffic jam
I’m again at sector 2 and my orkut-integration tells
me my-best-enemy is nearby!
The possibilities are truly endless…

– enhanced data transfer would enable mobile payments,
which is currently being relished in watered down formats.
– this means transactions OTF – relief to many, i’m certain.
- Shopping

more services
– Video calls / Conferencing
- Online Videos / Music – (read youtube or even better something

new which gets even more popular)
– Downloads
– Bookings – Tickets – Movie / airfare – train etc
again thousand more possibilities.
- Gaming – multiplayer
- Networking – with social networks already leading the
preferred sites on mobile.

Better services
- better voice call communication, clarity

some questions :
1. what about the small screen, would getting onto
internet ever get half as easy as it is on computer?
2. Price.. cost.. my bills..pretty sure i’d opt for some
unlimited d.t. plan
3. More spam? more targeted advertising – with more
info with them now.
4. Handset compatibility – although most of them are,
there would be a lot of services, and essential ones
on that, which would require handsets with certain
minimum specifications??

all in all I’m all in for this move and wait for the day

How about you, what do you have to say
would love to hear some commentary on this..