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Saw gravity yesterday. At Cinemax, Banjara hills. 11 o’clock morning show, on a sunday.

It was awesome. I was looking forward to the movie, had heard mixed reviews(read opinions) about it. Went ahead with little to zero expectations. Missed about first 10 mins, thanks to Tarun, Rishi for the delay – I’m to be blamed as well.

Caught it from the part where Sandra Bullock is thrown into the space.

The seats for this show had been chosen on a whimsical(not totally) idea – that they would be different seats. There was just one available in the gold class – I took that. The other two were selected at different corners.

The only bad part in the movie was that there was an interval – I really didn’t like that – it’d have been great to not have that interval.

What did I love about the movie?

– It was a great movie, showing space. I can watch just space for 30 mins.

– The sadness, desperation, motivation & execution – the movie went through different things. I swam with them in those times.

– Made me realise – we are so small, just a speck’s speck somewhere. We take things for granted.

Overall a great experience.

What’s awesome today, becomes shit tomorrow

That’s true for food isn’t it. Even if it’s not awesome.

So you’ve seen 3D movies at PVRs or DT City Center? (i’ll not even pass a tch tch tch look to the unlucky ones who have seen it one at ‘Omaxe celebrations mall’ – next to Subhash chowk on Sohna road, Gurgaon)

May I suggest, strongly, that whenever you – yes you – are in Hyderabad, pay a visit to the Prasads IMAX – and see whichever movie they have running. Yes, whichever they have running. No, it’s not a lame idea if the movie is shitty – the initial effects itself(those ‘welcome to Prasads IMAX…‘) are worth your ticket – I can lay a bet that it cannot be half as shitty as the first one I saw over there (Jack – the giant slayer) – and no, it  doesn’t really matter if the name Prasads is not-so-funky.

This is one great movie experience – it was my misfortune that I saw a really crappy movie. There wasn’t a single awesome-3D-scene – that the movie was a total disaster otherwise is a completely separate issue and that’s ok, that’s not my gripe, not for this post. After the first 1 minute I was blown away.

Recently, thank goodness I redeemed myself, saw Star Trek into darkness there – and was blown away again. I’m not a star trek fan – hell, I don’t even know if it’s different from star wars.startrek spear That scene in first 5 minutes where the spears are being thrown – I almost had one in my eye. Usually I sleep in a movie, especially if I’m a few pegs down (Papa, if you read this, please ignore this part – i’m just lying trying to be funny) – but this movie kept me on, while @tarunsingh09 who happens to be a fan of this series, was snoring away to glory – he must’ve had a few pegs more. All me other mates – @tyagiG @atuly @manishtyagi @ntomar had a great time too and liked the movie, the 3D rather.

Sad part is, after watching the 3D at Prasads, I just can’t see myself seeing a 3D in NCR. Its 3D effects are the effects – the real 3D. Looking forward to seeing ‘the man of steel‘ in the real 3D, tomorrow.

Hopefully, the post title wouldn’t hold true.