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Saw gravity yesterday. At Cinemax, Banjara hills. 11 o’clock morning show, on a sunday.

It was awesome. I was looking forward to the movie, had heard mixed reviews(read opinions) about it. Went ahead with little to zero expectations. Missed about first 10 mins, thanks to Tarun, Rishi for the delay – I’m to be blamed as well.

Caught it from the part where Sandra Bullock is thrown into the space.

The seats for this show had been chosen on a whimsical(not totally) idea – that they would be different seats. There was just one available in the gold class – I took that. The other two were selected at different corners.

The only bad part in the movie was that there was an interval – I really didn’t like that – it’d have been great to not have that interval.

What did I love about the movie?

– It was a great movie, showing space. I can watch just space for 30 mins.

– The sadness, desperation, motivation & execution – the movie went through different things. I swam with them in those times.

– Made me realise – we are so small, just a speck’s speck somewhere. We take things for granted.

Overall a great experience.