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life in an elevator

It was pretty sandy today. Had a game of tennis to play for which I was 5 minutes, sometimes, a bit too late. Soon as I thought that I’d been given a chance at the cost of the 4th player’s slight misfortune when he got the info from his son&wife that they had somehow been locked out of the house with the keys inside, the lights went off. I stayed patient. The electricity would be there soon…alas, massive sandstorm, winds, heavy winds replaced the electricity part in my optimistic thought. I was fearing something would come flying taking me to final destination. When you think thoughts like this, they seldom happen; good that i live to tell that.
Ran back home…went to buy some survival accessories. On my way back in the elevator, had this thought that i should measure it’s speed or rather the time it takes to reach the top floor. So i did initiate that, and when it reached 6/7 th floor, puff… darkness all around.Motion halted. Electricity gone. The emergency lights(i assume) came in about 5-7s… but the elevator wouldn’t move…and then there were these weird wire / mechanical noises which would scare the body-processed-food out of most. Somehow i wasn’t twitched…though when i saw the door opening i jumped out! Realised it was 7th floor that i was on. Tried to get back to the elevator after a few secs but the outer display was plainly showing down arrow…took the adjacent one for home floor thinking adventure enough.