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Do you want a BlackBerry?

I had used a BlackBerry earlier for a short duration, but at that time, cooler was the O2 and looking-back-can’t-believe-it, I was considering purchasing one myself. One good decision in life it seems.

The little that I used that BB (and old dumbell size), I knew that it was hell of an efficient machine, could do a few things and did them flawlessly, consistently…


Facebook + Blackberry = Calendar Screwed

So I got this app called Facebook for BlackBerry and was happy that I’d stay connected…Little did I know my calendar is going to be totally screwed. The calendar was full of events I didn’t know or care about and there was nothing that I could do to delete them from my BB.

Instantly I was on crackberry forum, through google search but to no avail — The solutions written there didn’t work for me

Google again — and thanks to this there seemed to be some light…
I tried and, Voila!, as one characteristic professor of mine would say, it was solved.

Basically I had to remove my calendar and re-synchronize again — and in the way, I lost some information that I had stored in the calendar — fault being mine, that I did not pay heed to the ‘care to be taken’ info.

Anyway, I’m a happier man now with the calendar all clean — I did not expect FB to create something like this, I mean there should be an option that lets one avoid this…well, it’s past now.