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Movies that must be seen

Just a list of movies that, in my opinion, must be seen before you leave for the other side. No order in which they have been penned.

1) The doors
2) Matrix
3) Black – Hindi
4) My cousin Vinny
5) Fight Club
6) Into the wild
7) Amelie – french
8) Jaane Bhi do yaaron – Hindi
9) Kung Fu Hustle ( try watching this in hindi if you can)
10) The goodfellas
11) The bucketlist
12) The matrix
13) The Godfather
14) If only
15) The Cable guy
16) Snatch
17) Pulp Fiction

The ones that I could think of are up there. The list will have more additions.

You think I missed something very important?
Suggest…I might just add it