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Kumbh Mela – Haridwar

The plan was quite whimsical, but had a long awaited desire to visit the place at this time – while the proverbial Kumbh ka mela was on.

To add to the occasionalability of the event, it was going to be a full-moon night when we reach, if we started off right then.

We – Khosla, Buddy, Kavita & me – were at A302.

We started off well from A302 – Buddy, Kavita and me — then there were the chronicles of Badsra on the way.

Anyway, next scene, I’m on the couch and wondering how come I’m here, where am I?
after the regular-moments lasting balck-out, I realised I was at the Badsras’ and certainly not anywhere near Haridwar.

But the plan was on!

So we started off at about 1200 Hrs on 28th — although I was planning to head back to Gurgaon and get going with the regular, media exchange between hard disk, computer, TV, my head.
Good that I stuck on the Haridwar trip.

After 3-4 hours of driving (I was comfortably on the back seat though) we realised that we had traveled only about 60 kms – some wrong route that we had taken.

Anyway with a stop for samosas, fuel-refill we were there at the place by about 2030 hrs and the feeling was good.
The place was nowhere like I’d thought it’d be — crowded, full of people and noise — Probably it was the timing. The last pooja is at 1815Hrs so the crowd has dwindled — although we did hear about babas and their shivirs which remain lively even after the last pooja, we thought we’d go there after our dips. The Dips, I must say were quite nice — the water was cold and more than that the current was quite high. Much as I tried experimenting and applying different schemes to withstand the current, I could never stay there for more than 15s.

It was a full-moon night [Poornima, Poornmasi]After the holy dips – and the assumption that our sins have been washed away – we went out for pet-pooja.

Poori-sabzi, Khasta (kachori) chole, mal pooda halwa, kulfi, aloo-tikki, gol-gappe were experienced in our binge.

Despite having the tripod, could not manage to click the picture I had in my mind — need to learn this stuff too!

Blog of bloggers

Here’s a quick-list of all the good blogs that I have seen and would recommend
MT’s blog – am not sure what this blog is about, but it’s my boss’s blog so has to be one of the top recommendations. From the last post that I saw on this blog, it has info about new waves being made in the online world of which we are bound to become a part of, with or without our consent. Yo Boss, keep blogging, I’m sure there are several things that can be blogged about and I’m sure most of us would be interested in that.

Badsra’s Blog – now this is the place for ideas and as it says, it has musings about everything. One of the finer blogs that you would find a link to at my blogspot, it has information about things which are trend-setting and better ideas that are catching up.Budds, neat work man (not literally) and a fine content generation/aggregation that u have done…..keep blogging, u have no idea how many people u inspire to blog, me41.

Atul’s Blog – and this my friend, is a blog bymy friend atul and I suppose this blog’s all about blogging and things are shaping up fine it seems. He is into making a story and I recommend this as I play a role in the story that’s just come up. So atul, let this not be yet another shattered dream (mine that is ;) ).

Raheja’s blog – this guy ‘sudhanshu raheja’ has recently started his own online portal, primarily for MBA aspirants – mbakarma.com. What else can I say besides saluting and wishing him all the very best for the initiative taken. By the way the blog’s all about education, start-ups, new technologies and a very very informative place to visit. If I’d not done my MBA already, I think mbakarma would be the place that I’d be found in (one way to say, given a chance, i’d study)

Ankit’s Blog – Just like him, I’m not sure what this blog’s about but there is a contentment in knowing that there are people like me. Thanks Ankit (I’m sure I’ve inspired u enough to start serious blogging man)

Hey some links that I have given above are without the permission of the owners of the blogs (actually all of them, but I think I own them…hehe) and there are many that come to my mind right now but I just don’t want to clutter this place (clutter??? Hey, there’s hardly any content here dude!)
Till the time I don’t delete this post….keep visiting!

Blogging fever

so everybody i know is blogging these days and some of them are boasting about blogging. I’m just wondering , can i earn out of this crap that i am writing…everybody says the first step is the hardest, so that means that my first blog was the hardest?? now if u happen to have the misfortune of visiting this, i must tell ye, you are one luck person…think about it..
meanwhile you can always check out friendly blogs of my friends
here’s atul’s blog

and then there is the blogger friend of mine badsra and this is one good blog.
and this is what primarily inspired me to start bloggin, i didn’t make it is a different thing.

so till we meet again……so long..