About me

who am i?

I can be anything

I’m on an eternal search which never ends. I do get a glimpse of me sometimes but then never actually get to understand the real me.

Technology amazes me and so does art. A little music adds a lot in my life.

Still looking for that perfect thing, which is a relative thing.

Ah – about this blog – After a few years of having the domain just having a page – which said coming soon – I’m importing my blogs (or whatever I had written) in last years at two different places – blogger & tumblr.

There would be many pics – which were posted through instagram/flickr/tumblr/path – I’m trying to delete most of them except a few which i don’t want to delete. Please bear with them.

Hopefully, I’d be visiting this place more often than the previous places.

I’m @BrijeshT on twitter, tumblr & facebook

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Lt Col(Retd( LM Tripathi

    why not to add right from your birth place,initial years followed by the places…….ur family tree which is available with us…..ur love for the native place and some brief ….. etc


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