Super-M – a great speaker which I can’t buy in India

Update: You CAN buy it, it seems from here

Although how reliable it would be, is not really clear.

Saw this on my timeline

I was interested.

Read the article on TC. I was interested even more

Went to kickstarter and read all about it – here’s a video

Half-way through the video I wanted to say this


Pledged $99, retrieved my Kickstarter password – was almost there when I realised that India is not in the list. Damn.

Not sure if I should be happy with the $99 not going out or sad that I won’t be getting Super-M, at least not anytime soon.

I don’t need a speaker – I have the fabulous Harman Kardon Soundsticks, bluetooth and all

and a Altec Lansing dock.

This $99 was for both – the great speaker (which is sand & water-proof) & doing one’s part for this project (it’s 289% funded, anyway)

Maybe later India will be added. Maybe I’ll still be interested. Maybe I’ll own one and post it right here. Maybe it’ll be May by then.



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