contribution of the corporation

more often than not, the following is the general belief:

- android/google is a for-the-people company, providing affordable stuff to people – choices, as they would want to call it

- Apple is closed, absurdly priced evil corporate giant.

is that so?

I’m in no position of saying who is evil – besides, I’d be biased.

There is no such thing as a for-the-people corporation. It is an oxymoronic sentence.

What’s the best contribution a corporation can do to this people-world?

Set new benchmarks in your field, what was not thought possible and doing it – setting new standards. Certainly not by producing mundane, regular, average quality stuff – that is just a company – a business, nothing more.

Apple produces the best quality products – by a far margin, the best. Some may come close (I have not seen though), but nothing matches their finesse – and that is big. 

I’m an apple fan but I’d readily become a fan of some other IF there was one. My loyalty is with supreme quality – the option I have available.

Just like mail, the best option out there is gmail – and I love it. Best search is google (but it’s getting muckeir with search, plus your world – whoever came out with that) – and I can’t imagine life without it.

For devices, it is Apple.

Until someone better comes up, my loyalty is with Apple.

ah, and this do no evil, is the most evil cloak I have seen or heard. 

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