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it’s 4:40 in the morning, and i thought that i’d write a blog, which by the way i have not written since i last wrote it 7-8 months back, which again by the same way, was my debut blog. just wanted to end my 4 hr long session of an uselessly-tiring,good for nothing activity – Guess the Google Game by Grant Robinson.On this page Grant does warn the user that the game is ‘surprisingly addictive’, and i’ve just spent 4 hours doing that…straight, no breaks…… well , thank you Mr Grant, i have spent my hours trying to set a new record, which other wise would have gone in even more useless an activity – sleep.
so was the record set? of course , that should be apparent now as i have explicitly asked that…..for the faint of the head – yes the record has been set – mehnet rang layee – which somehow looks like a pink slip to me….

If you do happen to play the highly addictive game, do try setting a record there… you would have slight idea how much it asks for to even try coming in that list…..
Daman was the one who told me about this thing….now he lays asleep while i make attempts after attempts and miss by a few points every time…..and the record, although is still there in the list at present, is certain to be broken and the name overflown from the record list….after that’s what i did to get in that list…. but i’ve had my kicks with my name there…….although at 7th place, i’m a lot happier being in that esteemed list….veeg, whoever u are, you rock man…i should’ve been there too.

although i can pile up more crap in this post ,which i myself would not understand tomorrow, i think i’ll spare my self and let me go into the bed…..aaight dude, i think you should go to bed now, it’s been calling out for you for the last 6 hrs……
hmmm… chalo i’ll go there…screw, it’s 05:15 am…grrr.. sleep

2 thoughts on “google game

  1. Badsra

    This game is what Google uses to get people to add tags to images. This is going to power Google’s image search of the future :) From the future users of Google image search – Thank you..


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