In Dust i trust

now this is quite a co-incidence (btw there are no co-incidences, just illusions of it – V for Vendetta, got to give the credit), i just stumbled across a page while saving the world on the internet today… said about atheism, and i thought about writing something appreciating the methodology of presentation through my blog – this was morning….
getting back from work, i sit down and open my google reader and i see a new post in my subscription list and what is it about?…….

i might be diverting my audience, but then it’s about the completeness of the topic under discussion. go here and then come back……

… how true is GOD?
i, or rather anybody if he wants to, can give you many practically feasible theories to prove his non-existence while i know that nobody can give me even one to prove His (pun intended) existence.
now how apparent is that naked fact….
nobody’s trying to desperately prove that He does not exist, at least not anyone that i know of, unless of course agitated by someone who is hellbent to prove the existence, usually by an illustrated example, primary role being played by the prover himself or a very close person, and sometimes, crossing all bounds of hysterical descriptions, a completely unknown personthingobjectUFOsantagodzilla…i leave the absolute gibberish for u to complete..

The point here is not whether he exists or not, we, the God-created beings cannot comprehend the complexities of Gods’ creation and cannot fathom and would be completely so humanly foolish to try and debate His existence, although we understand that we cannot understand HIM – oh my God, i love u.

I also love boddah.

ok let’s try un-complicating the issue – there is no GOD.

although i disagree with Kuber(logic intended) when He(sarcasm intended)says, HE(respect intended, pardon me G) is a tripster, if he’s a tripster, so is Sylvskychinokov Singh Sharma.
I do understand, in completeness, how people truly believe in Him and that’s because I,once upon a time, myself believed in Him …just like i, once upon a time believed in Spiderman, Saabu and Giant robot….c’mon man i saw them on TV, read them in comics, and there were so many of us ‘normal’ kids who shared my opinion on them.
but then i, gradually, as that’s way the masterplan had been devised, discovered and realised -no they were not there, they were just characters ‘created’ to upbring a normal-child-behaviour in me (something must’ve gone wrong in that plan too, as i see it, it fails)….well someone showed us the path, and then we could easily say how stupid we were earlier, but of course, normal, since we too believed in spiderman/saabu, like it should be for a normal kid….

based on philosophers’ theories, the earth was flat, everybody believed that (now who’s to say that everybody believed that?, but that’s what ‘they’ say and so i have ‘heard’) and why not it was backed by then-logical reasoning…then somebody did some scientific finding which proved that wrong, and everybody wondered how stupid they, others were earlier…

another one…double the mass would take half the time to hit the ground was the belief for centuries, after the gravity was ‘discovered'(see just like Him, gravity too was there, we needed someone to prove that…thanks a ton Newton….where’s our God prover?) and then came another G, Gallelio… oh we have slight amendment in our previous theories, henceforth we’ll believe in Gallelio’s theory….
alas, there would be no day when it would be proven that He has vanished and doesn’t exist, that happened before the human race was born, now he operates from some place/object/thing/creature unknown and uncomprehensible by us….
…come to think of it it was in the same period that kuber wrote something exact that i was thinking of…mebbe God wants it that way, he wants me to play the role of a protester, thanks man, i’m happy with my role……more on this…right now He wants me to take some rest…but hopefully more on this, unless He thinks He’s been de-marketed enough……

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