in dust i trust – part 2

here i am continuing on the ever-beloved topic….existence of God

so God wants me not to believe in him…
and to correct homie’s statement, he’s not done anything or ‘tripped on me’ for me to get to that conclusion….the revelation came with time, just like revelation of spiderman/batman….(u don’t know about it?…refer to my prev. post!)

if i say that he tripped on me then i should be believing him and not denying his existence….i’d just be strengthening his existence, which, let me put it bluntly now – is ridiculous for a thought…

what, besides conviction, that too due to what people have said – now people include your parents, friends, relatives, celebrities, colleagues, strangers- these people have also been transferred the thought through some external source, none of them is personal experience – what might be interpreted as a personal experience is just an illusion of it – the reasoning is flawed. hope it makes sense enough, it does completely to me.
In case it doesn’t – no issues, i’m just another psycho who would know God when i meet him and that would happen with time…
I think this sounds too cynical – i don’t care whether u believe in God or not, I don’t…….. EXACTLY
but i do care to present the logic behind my thinking and am ready to listen to anyone’s, in case there is a rare incidence that somebody thinks he has some logic.

everything we learn has been ‘transferred into us’ through some external source…so why should we not selectively believe in Him?
we have heard that we should respect our parents, why should we believe it?
c’mon ask the question to yourself…
it is backed by logic, we do it cause that’s out duty, it’s a moral duty, it’s the way life goes….
– so we should continue believing in God too – after all that too is our duty, it is a moral duty..
– no no no, if u do believe in God , believe me u are believing in something that is not there, u have never seen it or experienced it (i re-iterate , what you do think as your ,or anybody’s experience, is just an illusion of it)

I understand if someone says that there are somethings that one has to believe without having the proof of it….implying someone has to have some belief which is blind, not requiring any logic….i have many…..

think for a moment – who made who?
somebody (pardon my limited knowledge, mebbe it’s just that God too falls in that list of unknown) made Frankenstein, somebody Pinocchio , doyle made sherlock, shakespeare hamlet,King lear, Puzo vito corelone…. these people publically made an announcement and we knew that these are just characters…
mankind made God…how could he make us

consider this
Fact: a lot bad happens in this world (read evil/cheating/murder………)
He controls everything
how does he let this happen
don’t give the harp sound by saying “there has to be a balance”,”it’s part of life”

makes much sense if u shed the fear – yes the fear of not having the God on ur side
man he is with no one and he is with everyone, he has given u brains to think, making logical interpretations of happenings.

i can continue till i sleep, without any conclusive statement, whereas if u look at it, the conclusion from my side (and from ur side, if u are a beleiver) is firm.
till the time my blogging neurons wake me up again—–
- so long.

3 thoughts on “in dust i trust – part 2

  1. Kuber

    kai maan..there are solid arguments and counter arguments in that piece of urs…However believe u me dat suggesting dat GOD is a tripster was infact a subtle method to point to the extreme u talkin about.
    He does not exist.Period.
    But fr those who are not convinced
    inspite of ur protests, is a milder argument that he ain worth the shit dat people who believe in him go thru. Cuz like u say, the all so mighty wants u to play the part..for those who believe in him he expects them to do just dat, believe.. these people need to wake up..or maybe adopt a 10 min./4hr nap system that i would talk about in a future post..
    I understand this argument is endless and it doesn really make a difference but does dat mean dat posting on it means somewher down we believe in him? NO!!! however we cannot deny the immense power the concept of GOD enjoys, mark my words the concept of GOD and not GOD itself..the shit sells like nothin else bro..ask da church or Al Queda..

  2. brijesh tripathi

    Yo..that it sells like nothing else does is fact of facts.
    ask ppl to do something(or not do something)
    - giving them logical reasons
    - enforcing laws ….some would follow but there would be times they would intentionally skip the rule…..give them the revelation that God is watching u all the time and gets offended if u don’t follow that…they would never forget (in case they do, there always is a sin-washing method, which is even more ridiculously reasoned)….in a way the concept’s quite effective in bringing fantasies to effect……the concept extends into business – temples (some of them are engineered beautifully…recently went akshardhaam …man i suggest u go there when u are here next, and see the SHOW…visiting it is nothing …SEE THE SHOW there…amazing), – books, – tv channels(ridiculous)….so much more…dude, one of the best industries…..evergreen, sure winner….don’t be convinced people…i’m bad/sinner…..more coming in some time…stop me God

  3. Kuber

    i’ve been to akshar’damn’ but haven seen the show..din have the patience then..but now dat u suggest..will be in town son enough i think..neways, since we have stated the fact of facts and ol agree ..divine intervention is needed to fuel this further, or may be sons of God(pun , nice!) must start postin..


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