Such is life

There is this serial on air these days, a copy of “Moment of Truth” – ‘Sach Ka Samna’. Just saw that it’s got a legal notice for content that offends good taste and decency.
(Here’s the link)

This was coming their way. The fundamental of this game is that prior to the show, offline, people are asked 50 questions with “lie-detector” attachment and the results noted down. During the show they are then asked 21 questions from the same 50 questions and you keep on playing till you are telling the truth (based on the earlier answer-results matching with your current answers)

Here’s the Vinod Kambli episode clip:

The questions asked are what the show is all about — meant to be embarrassing, uncomfortable to answer. All answers are either Yes or No. The contestants, of course, have the option of leaving anytime — with the clause that they forfeit their prize money. I was of the opinion that both ways, one loses in the game. If you are asked a question that you answer incorrectly — results say it’s a lie — then you are out of the game. If you are asked a question that you do not wish to answer — again you lose — the answer of course can now be guessed by anyone as we know that he didn’t answer the question since the answer must be the embarrassing Yes (or no, whichever is more shameful).

I have my own thoughts on the ability of polygraph tests to actually determine whether a person is lying or not — the thoughts are negative!.There’s no way a machine can be 100% accurate.

What do you say, do these polygraph – lie-detector – tests mean anything?

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