Who is more popular

Just had a discussion a few days back, with two personalities being compared:

1) Master Blaster – Sachin Tendulkar

2) Super Star – Shahrukh Khan

The debate was on ‘who do you think is more popular’ and just that. Not who has more money or who is a better man.

As for me, Sachin’s certainly a Legend, just like SRK and only bigger one at that.
But I do not agree if you say he is a real life hero or real performer. I feel both the legends are giving output of some entertainment media.

And I’m also a fan of Sachin, love him, watch cricket primarily for him, cherish the moment I accidentally stumbled onto him!!! nothing of the sort with SRK — he is smart, quick to quip, a better front-man for any representation.

Although it’s not a level-field comparison, both are in different fields and thus just can’t be compared — But that’s the question

I say, in his field, Sachin certainly rules – Globally. Same is not true for the other.

2 thoughts on “Who is more popular

  1. Anonymous

    A common conversation Indians have with people around Asia:

    Asian: Where you from lah?
    Indian: From India.
    Asian: Shahrukh Khan?
    Indian: You know him??
    Asian: Of course lah, he best actor no?
    Indian: Yea, um.. we also have Sachin Tendulkar… best cricketer
    Asian: Cricketer? Ai that food thing ma?
    Indian: Kinda…

    Non-cricket nations still watch Indian movies.. and they all love SRK!

  2. brijesh tripathi

    for a particular sect, yes the said conversation holds true.
    My post, however was about who do you consider more as a legend/icon. Both are legends in their fields, who is more was the inconsiderate question, apparently wasn’t able to elucidate the question through the post :)


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