5 minute relevant post

Some posts are relevant for a life-time, some for shorter duration. some for just a few moments.

Sachin is about to create history with 17,000 runs — and how many records has he set already.
I’m sure it’ll be same when he is nearing 18k mark…

So in office all are watching Live TV on their computers, watching people in the stadium praying, and very emotional.

I think it should be done by the time I click post over here.

2 thoughts on “5 minute relevant post

  1. brijesh tripathi

    Just to update and keep a log of things, India Lost the match

    Sachin was all alone in the battle, as always – I can only imagine howyou must feel
    We lost – Disgusting

    and thanks to you I get the Max. no of RTs in one of my dedicated statements for you


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