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Gangs of Wasseypur 2

I waited for this as eagerly as we all wait for our salary – rather more – cause I knew this is a one time affair, moments like these come not every month.
Gangs of Wasseypur was an awesome treat to the senses. What portrayal of characters, of situations and of general life. It is one of the best movies ever made if you ask me (well, till the fever goes down with another, better movie – maybe not. Just like it will never go down for Dev D). I never thought there would be a better movie than Dev D, and actually Dev D is a class on its own.
The soundtrack of that movie is still better than anything I’ve ever seen bollywood movies pass by – they never touch that street (now this may seem like scratching AK’s but the movies he’s made are totally out of this world — especially the music part of it – take Gulaal for eg.)

So, the thing is that I got to see the much awaited part 2 – last saturday, 4th Aug. – a few days before its release to cinema halls – which is day after tomorrow actually. How is that you ask? Well, it’d would’ve been on 8th that I’d’ve seen the first view of it (which I’m going to go for anyway) had it not been for this tweet by Huma Qureshi (who plays the awesome Mohsina in the movie)

I was @dukaan – working on a saturday – and I just happened to see that tweet – it’s all divine intervention :)

It was almost 3 o’clock by the time I saw Osian site and the schedule and by the time I called them up and made sure that it was not just a celebrities only screening.
By 3:15 I’d resolved I’m going for it and got out of @dukaan and was off to the house – for you know what – to change and stuff you see.

Now it was already 3:30 and the #gow1 show was at 4:15 – I knew I wouldn’t make it for that. I wanted to though.
Picked up a couple of beers – I had to – and zoomed towards the gurgaon toll – ah, it was jam packed – on a saturday afternoon – crazy town this is.

Anyhow, reached siri fort audi 1 at about 5. Parking devoured my next precious 15-20 minutes. Finally after just squeezing it in a spot – after convincing the guard who came running in to say ‘no this is not right parking’ that this indeed wasn’t that hurtful – it was time to get there inside the audi.

I was there, in the line now, hoping that this was the line for GoW – I was looking forward to the 1900 show which was #gow2 (little did i know that it was the same show – gow1 & gow2 in a row – oh I was almost orgasmic and saddened at the same time for missing about 45-50 minutes…wait there’s different plan for me from the one above.

So I ask this guy standing ahead of me ‘hey, I’d get the wasseypur tickets from here, right?’ – he looks at me and puts his hand in his shirt pocket and pulls out a paper-kind-of-thing and says, ‘here, this is the ticket’. Though only for about 2 seconds, I was foxed. Wait what? This is the ticket – why aren’t you watching it? That’s what I wanted to ask – which I didn’t. He understood I guess and said he’s watched it already (although now when I think of it, I ask myself ‘how is that, has he done that in cannes or is he a buddy of AK’)
Anyway, I just asked his name – Arun it was -thanked him and headed towards the auditorium. Just as I’m about to present my ticket I see that the ladies in front of me are being denied entry – It’s house-fucking-full they say. I said I’d stand, no they say ‘there’s no place to stand too’. What a KLPD i thought to myself. But I didn’t leave the place for next 5 minutes, hoping for some magic to happen. Nothing happened.

Then I heard this guard telling the lady, in a kind of hush hush voice, that she should try the balcony above on the left – it may have some space. Some light at the end of the tunnel I saw and ran towards the balcony – ahead of the lady.

She went somewhere else – I didn’t bother to see where – I just ran towards the direction I thought must be the balcony.
I see a guy over there ‘yes sir?
‘hey, man, Wasseypur (smiling)’
sorry sir, no place, it’s full
‘c’mon man, can’t be happening – there has to be place for me to at least stand and watch’
no sir, there isn’t, even if you do get to stand, you wouldn’t be able to see it‘ (hope goes on an exponential curve)
‘Bhai, I’m just one person, I’ll fit in — I’ll see if I don’t like it or can’t see it, I’ll get out – man, I’m here from gurgaon and have to see this — and YOU are the one who can let me do that’
‘(thinking thinking) ah, ok, you can try — come with me
‘Thanks man, what’s your name?’
‘Thanks Sudhamshu, someday I hope I’ll be able to pay it back – or maybe forward’
‘(mutters — whatever)’

And after all this – which was not really much – just that i’ve put it in a 1000 words – I was there!
the placement of the vacant seats was not something that I’d really watch a movie in. It was in the left corner balcony, which actually blocks about 10-15% of the left corner of the screen. And it was that ‘Nasir’ getting the jeep from “JP” scene (not very late into the movie) that I got to see.
It’s a different experience to see a movie in a hall – and something quite different to see it with aficionados.

Part 1 was well enjoyed. Part 2 was crazy — and I wouldn’t do a review here cause frankly, I’d do injustice to it.

Well that’s all I’d end this with – the movie is amazing – @FaizalSKhan , @RamadhirSingh , Definite truly rocked it. Pelpendiculal was funny. Movie was awesome. Hats off to @ankash1009 @humasqureshi Sneha & the whole GoW team – thanks for making this movie.

Waiting for 8th Aug to see it again.
What to look forward to post that?