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Gangs of Wasseypur II – eagerly awaited

Having seen this hell of a movie twice in the last week, I’m only raring for more. First it was with @tyagiG , @tarunsingh09 & @oldermonk – just 3 days later, I wanted to go again – went with @R_KB & Geezer (not on twitter)

This is not a review – I’m just not capable of reviewing this movie.
Gangs of Wasseypur

Really can’t remember the last time I came out of the hall with such a content, satisfied and buzzed feeling. No, I really can’t. Not that I’m saying that I’ve just seen bad movies. There have been quite some good ones – animated mostly, comedy, must watch movies (like those pirates of carribean series, which you have to watch) – but rarely does a movie come which just washes you away. This is despite the hype around this movie which, once you see the movie, seems totally justified. @Rohwit had been (and still does) endorsing this – well, the movie certainly deserves that [just hover above his handle and you’ll get it]. It’s not like those awesome trailers you see for a Akshay Kumar movie [nothing in particular about Akshay Kumar that I have against, just that the name popped up] and the movie itself turns out to be a bummer.

#GoW kills at this — the movie itself could become a trailer — it’s that awesome. Ok, maybe I’m trying to justify my double watching it but I just may watch it yet again. Yeah, it’s that good ( wish I was being paid for writing so so good about it)

There is no actor in the movie, except perhaps Sultan who I find not mind-blowing performer – and that too seems like has been done purposefully, to make him seem like a not-so-worthy. I know not much about movies, or direction or screenplay – I do know movies when they affect you.

This would seem like a cliché, but only Anuraag Kashyap could’ve pulled it off the way it has been. He just keeps on getting better – Dev D, Gulaal and now this – awesome.

Just can’t wait for #GoW – II — unless it’s a bummer, @ankash1009 has really made the best movie bollywood stable has ever come out with. Thanks for the awesome movie – to everybody involved. Guys, you have moved film making making forward – that’s a lot.

It may or may not make money, but it has made a statement — movie ho to aisi. I haven’t met or heard a person who didn’t like the movie.

Right from Shahid Khan, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Piyush Mishra (brilliant narration as well) to Richa Chadha, Faisal Khan (FK), Danish Khan, Sultan — everyone’s acted brilliantly well – so natural.

If you haven’t watched this, you ought to – movies like these are, if you ask me, national treasure, artifacts.

This will only inspire others to get away from the usual stream that the bollywood flow in.