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the new iPad in India – launch & price

Okay, so the wait is finally over.
The new iPad (gasp, the revolutionary resolutionary Tablet) is finally here in India. Ok not yet, but by tomorrrow, it’s here in India.
Good news is that it is here so soon, in about 40 days, after its global launch on March 16th, 2012 [this is like the fastest product to be launched in India after its global launch]
Man, really looking forward to it.
Ah, the bad news (or rather not so good news) is that it starts at INR 30,500/-, which is the base model - 16GB wi-fi only.
But you would do better to buy a 3G version (ummm, no 4G here in India, although I’d heard of rumours that 4G service has been tested/made live in Kolkata), which starts at INR 38,900/- for the 16 GB model.
Also, the iPad 2 costs have been cut and starts at INR 24,500/-for the 16GB model.
and frankly if you don’t have an iPad (1 or 2), you would not really make out the great difference in resolution on the new iPad but if you do, then it’s going to be really tough. The difference is same as between iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4/4S - retina display (or as @vineetbhatnagar says, lickable display)
Retina display, some people wonder as and “is it just that it is better resolution, is that it?”
Well, yes, that’s it!
And that’s a lot – you have not seen anything as sharp or as fine as it.
To really get the essence of retina display – you need to see it. I saw it on the iPhone and trust me, no other phone display has ever looked as good till date. Now I see pixels everywhere – even on the computer!
So it’s just about looking good, is it?
Well, yes – and that is remarkable.
oh, it’s awesome and once you start using the retina display, everything else, even the devices that seemed so normal earlier (iPad 1/2, iPhone 3G/3GS) will look all pixelated. 
Retina display is seriously resolutionary – go for it. If you have any questions, shoot them at the comments.
Be warned though, once you lay your hands on it, it will be very difficult to stay away from it.
Darn, and just now @neosthrash tweeted that it’s been postponed to 30th April…will be able to tell tomorrow only!

Who do you trust?

Yeah, so the Google drive is out, wow(after its announcement in 2006). And it has 5GB free storage, wow, wow.

A definite Dropbox killer, eh? Especially with their huge userbase already locked in to so many google services, right? (somehow, i’m having a deja-vu, G+ was a fb killer, wasn’t it.)

A quick comparison of 3 cloud services (not their services, rather terms or service)

Google drive Vs. Dropbox Vs Skydrive

just a glimpse at their ToS:

Google Drive
“When you upload or otherwise submit content to our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes we make so that your content works better with our Services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.”

“Except for material that we license to you, we don’t claim ownership of the content you provide on the service. Your content remains your content. We also don’t control, verify, or endorse the content that you and others make available on the service.”

“By using our Services you provide us with information, files, and folders that you submit to Dropbox (together, “your stuff”). You retain full ownership to your stuff. We don’t claim any ownership to any of it. These Terms do not grant us any rights to your stuff or intellectual property except for the limited rights that are needed to run the Services, as explained below.”

Although it’s not advisable to have some really personal file (yeah, that pic that only you have seen, or your bank statement) on any cloud service, the audacity of terms of Google is amazing.

Scary, isn’t it?