Monthly Archives: March 2012

Movies sans sense

Yeah, I know. They are aplenty and yeah, bollywood has some sort of expertise in making movies that are absolute fantasy of a deranged mind.
No, actually I’d imagine that would be somewhat artistic.
Anyhow, with some time to kill and some weird scenes in my head right now, here is the list of some of these, that I have faced & endured:

  • Ready – starring Sallu bhai (he is going to be featured a lot here)
No matter what you think, you will never be ready for it.
  • Robot – starring Rajnikant, or is it Rajni starring robot, i’m not certain.
  • Dabangg – starring Sallu bhai – see it for ‘munni badnaam hui’ (and Malaika’s scars) and definitely go highly intoxicated

and that, my patient friend, is just tip of the iceberg