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HDR on iOS

High Dynamic Range photographs – Simply put what it does is take a couple of photos, one under-exposed, one over-exposed and lay them on each other.
The effect, for some photographs, can be remarkable. The amazing part is that you have to do nothing extra, or as Steve would say, nothing new to learn. Just click and get that better picture.
Here are some examples, which, while may not be the best, do showcase the capabilities of HDR photography.
The normal picture, without HDR – looks fine (click on the photo for bigger version and toggle between the HDR & non-HDR versions):
Until you see this, HDR photo:
Another similar example, non-HDR photo:
The HDR version below 
A slightly different example, the non-HDR photo:
The HDR version of same photo:
Now for some moments (and i’ll just show one note really that uncool example) when HDR may not be a good choice – movement – remember, it takes multiple photographs, of the same picture?
naturally, if there is movement in those multiple pics, the stitching of those different photographs is not really going to be beautiful (artistic in some cases, yes)
So, here’s the normal one:
 and now for the HDR one, the birds are visible in this one (yeah, you can’t see them on the Non-HDR one), but Sekhon’s feet, they blur out.:
Just in case you are wondering where the pics are from, it’s Lodhi garden in New Delhi.

contribution of the corporation

more often than not, the following is the general belief:

- android/google is a for-the-people company, providing affordable stuff to people – choices, as they would want to call it

- Apple is closed, absurdly priced evil corporate giant.

is that so?

I’m in no position of saying who is evil – besides, I’d be biased.

There is no such thing as a for-the-people corporation. It is an oxymoronic sentence.

What’s the best contribution a corporation can do to this people-world?

Set new benchmarks in your field, what was not thought possible and doing it – setting new standards. Certainly not by producing mundane, regular, average quality stuff – that is just a company – a business, nothing more.

Apple produces the best quality products – by a far margin, the best. Some may come close (I have not seen though), but nothing matches their finesse – and that is big. 

I’m an apple fan but I’d readily become a fan of some other IF there was one. My loyalty is with supreme quality – the option I have available.

Just like mail, the best option out there is gmail – and I love it. Best search is google (but it’s getting muckeir with search, plus your world – whoever came out with that) – and I can’t imagine life without it.

For devices, it is Apple.

Until someone better comes up, my loyalty is with Apple.

ah, and this do no evil, is the most evil cloak I have seen or heard. 

Since rejoining the Company in 1997, Mr. Jobs had not sold any of his shares of the Company’s stock. Mr. Jobs held no unvested equity awards. The Company recognized that Mr. Jobs’s level of stock ownership significantly aligned his interests with shareholders’ interests.

Apple’s 2012 Proxy Statement

In a world where the likes of Steve Ballmer and many others routinely sell huge portions of their shares, Jobs kept all of his. $2,319,515,000 worth, as Dustin Curtis points out.

That’s dedication and loyalty. That’s putting your money where your mouth is.

(via parislemon)

Happy to have lived at the same times as Steve Jobs. What a phenomenal personality