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Remembering Michael Jackson today, who would have turned 53. From Quincy Jones’ piece for Newsweek in 2009:

He was a different kind of entertainer. He’d work for hours, perfecting every lick, gesture, and movement so that they came together precisely the way they were intended to. We achieved heights in the ’80s that I can humbly say may never be reached again, and reshaped the music business forever.

Listened to a little “Off The Wall” on vinyl this weekend in his honor.

Remembering MJ


That’s all that I can say about this guy who gave so much to this world of technology. The best that could be in every field that was touched by this company. I could go on and on and say this in 1000 different manners but all iSay is
uRock Steve jobs – thanks for being in the generation

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.

Goog SMS

But in the end, when I think about leadership, passion and attention to detail, I think back to the call I received from Steve Jobs on a Sunday morning in January. It was a lesson I’ll never forget. CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday.

Vic Gundotra detailing a conversation he had with Steve Jobs in 2008. 

It’s the little things.

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