Monthly Archives: June 2010

Football Fever

Is about to begin, even for those like me, who wake up only during these world cups and think that these other football fanatics are exactly that, fanatics.

Who are you betting on this world cup is the question that pops up everywhere…and we know it that it doesn’t matter, it is about the duration, the games, the exciting equal-par matches, the breath-taking, ever-to-be-remembered moments.
Of course who wins in the end brings a lot of excitement and satisfaction to the ones who had predicted that earlier (“see I told you, Italy is going to win”!)

There are so many things happening around the world cup – the sound tracks (I must include that I detest the one for the current WC – it’s too bland, low energy – emotional / motivational — all right. The best, in my opinion, was Ricky Martin’s – the song gets your blood pumping man!)

Then there are the t-shirts & clothes that come this reason-season. Best part of this information highway life that we live in is that information is actually quite easy to access to and there are different modes – yeah, we primarily rely on our own eyes-watched matches and they are the ones that excite us really, there are newpapers where we dig into the sections to find out the stats (ok, i’m talking about ppl like me, not fanatics like you!), TV channels, special programs on TV — these are all traditional (and good, comprehensive)
The quickest and instant, however, is the new media – internet & mobile. The best part about this media?
It gives you information even if you forget it (or say, slips out of your mind) it is like automating a module to receive information – there are feeds / updates on mail / IM / SMS, besides websites (and their mobile website counterparts)…
where are you getting the information from?
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