Monthly Archives: September 2009


- you have to learn to use yourself
- to tell you the truth, I won’t tell you…the truth (optional:)
- You’ve just been crushed and rolled and smoked and highed upon
- But his seeds were sown and reaped and crushed and oiled and sold even higher upon, meeting the same fate thereafter as their parents
- A job too many is a job to many these days

pie rates of the curry-bean

slippy hall oath
see lip he howl ho
Tied and ick
hey reap out her
Term in eight or
Torn and ate her
To’er i’m an aide whore
Preed ate her
sell you lur
Psi lens off dull amps
ledge ants awe foot duff alls
lay gents owe defaults
tsk ream
grey tub all sapphire
A merry icon 22/7
Lower an is of a ray be yeah
Mill he on doll arab hee
Ate my ill
Raw on in
Save in
Bray wart
To thou sand end wanna spay so dizzy
I say age
Mad a go ask her
Trance for mars
Call lat are ill
Rob bin would
To oomph rate her
Egg clog where cow range
Them ate tricks
Damn eight ricks
Dum ye trigs
Dumb hate reeks

Pie rates of the curry bean
Tai tan eck
Tight, a nick

Walnut Tarts

The ones that I had today is what i express my feelings on.
They looked pretty, but were just too untasty.
I wish I had my camera to click them and bring back the nightmares that I certainly am going to see a DVD quality movie of today. Oh I could have treasured myself with a priceless-useless possession, scaring me whenever I wished.

Even the one who suggested said “it tastes like shit”.
Included in the unfortunate event were the ppl from the office and it’s sad that it was me sponsoring the event.

Thus I have another reason to not to forget it.
Just to save me some nauseating moments, i’ll post this good-looking pic of some.

here here here…

Do i need to mention the courtesy for the pic — the owner’s made sure of that anyway