Monthly Archives: May 2009

Indian summer

and I hate the heat, as Eddie would have said Once.
Truth is I’m feeling quite quite quite lethargic today…maybe my outing in the glorious sun did this, maybe it’s the addition of car a/c not functioning properly, failed meeting, de-motivated spirits and pure boredom mixing-in to give me this concoction which I so got drenched in that i slept in a discussion, came back to my desk – slept, woke up in sometime and am feeling lethargic still — force myself to write this to buzz it off. I think it worked

life in an elevator

It was pretty sandy today. Had a game of tennis to play for which I was 5 minutes, sometimes, a bit too late. Soon as I thought that I’d been given a chance at the cost of the 4th player’s slight misfortune when he got the info from his son&wife that they had somehow been locked out of the house with the keys inside, the lights went off. I stayed patient. The electricity would be there soon…alas, massive sandstorm, winds, heavy winds replaced the electricity part in my optimistic thought. I was fearing something would come flying taking me to final destination. When you think thoughts like this, they seldom happen; good that i live to tell that.
Ran back home…went to buy some survival accessories. On my way back in the elevator, had this thought that i should measure it’s speed or rather the time it takes to reach the top floor. So i did initiate that, and when it reached 6/7 th floor, puff… darkness all around.Motion halted. Electricity gone. The emergency lights(i assume) came in about 5-7s… but the elevator wouldn’t move…and then there were these weird wire / mechanical noises which would scare the body-processed-food out of most. Somehow i wasn’t twitched…though when i saw the door opening i jumped out! Realised it was 7th floor that i was on. Tried to get back to the elevator after a few secs but the outer display was plainly showing down arrow…took the adjacent one for home floor thinking adventure enough.