Monthly Archives: December 2008

when not physically well, everything’s unwell

yeah, that’s absolutely true.
Just got sick after quite some time — probably the recent trip to Jammu did this.
What I’m saying is when something’s missing, it’s only then do you miss the ‘perfectness’. Additionally, if I have fever, which is currently true, i see the world with a lot less enthusiasm – nothing seems to be good, i miss the ‘better me’ — but then i do believe in the power of mind and the fact that it all depends on what you think it is — if i am down and start thinking that it’s fine, just a day or two’s issue, it starts feeling better — but again if i know it’s all psychological, i would also know that ‘no, i’m not well , i’m just trying to fool myself that i am well’! — so gotta play carefully with the mind — bend it to believe that indeed it is true and see it is true — u know that mind over matter thing

here, cheer yourself with a random pic-i-clic

any guesses who this nigger is?

back to the future

just got back from Piyush’s wedding last night — the trip was a good get-togetger-trip. met many a lost friends from old college days.
Waiting for the shower to get free, then I take a bath and get set for office and over the day, get used to the ‘second life’ — is this what i eventually have to get back at? I like my work and all but then feel the rats in the race, implying I must be one too…
anyhow, the shower’s free now, gtg

Wedding times

It is the time of the year again when you — all of you in the Nation — hear about weddings almost every other day. Unless you are a bit too non-social, chances are that there would be at least 1 wedding that you have to attend in the season.
I, the old one, have a few friends graduating and exiting the Bachelor’s league and have till now attended a few weddings, have missed one and am all set to attend another one soon and all this in the last 15-20 days.

Was just wondering what decides this season.
and then started wondering what decides the decision of marriage itself!

I mean when does a person think — ‘yeah, i should get married now’ or is it that it just happens when things fall into place automatically.
or is it that when you find the person you think that you can spend your life with, you decide.
or is it a function of many many variables — person, age, career, financial.

Just plain wondering — yeah, i know, most of my friends are done– and that too can be one of the variables!, if not by your function, then by someone else’s whose function is a variable for your function — and this too builds up. Now all your friends are married, why are you not?!
certainly not right now, certainly not planned, certainly not uncertain.
(still have a few friends i can take refuge under)