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MyToday – SMS feeds

A wonderful concept of providing feeds via SMS.
Though this is being done for quite some time by all the operators,
the way MyToday does it is
‘different’ — it’s free!

If you live in India and have a mobile phone, there’s something
I strongly suggest you do, of course if you feel the need that is.
All you need to do is choose what feeds you want to receive,
it varies from
- News, Cricket alerts, business news, sensex alerts,
bollywood news,jokes, career tips, word of the day,
quiz and so many more (here)

with intuitive start / stop keywords for subscribing / unsubscribing
and timed delivery – a specific time for each alert
(i’m usually woken up with ‘word-of-the-day’ SMS from MyToday)
, it makes these alerts a habit.
go ahead, give it a try…
and once u get hooked to the various services offered by them,
like i am, you cell wouldn’t stop beeping with alerts.

more than the excellent service for the users, I see it as an
effective platform for advertising. This kind of SMS-alert service
has been there for quite a long time and is still being pushed
- we have vodafone promoting it’s various alerts services,
even BSNL has jumped in with all kind of ads promoting their
alerts subscription.

The monetization of such services is subscription based with
users paying anything between Rs. 15 – Rs.50 per month.
so how is MyToday different?
Well, yes, I ask this question only to answer it right away–

- First of all, MyToday is independent
– meaning It does not matter if you are a Vodafone user or
an Idea user or Airtel or any of the other 5-6 operators’ subscriber
– you can still subscribe to this free service of MyToday.

- Free — yes I need to repeat this – It takes a lot to power
such a service, sending messages to many many people without
receiving anything in return (initially)

- Volumes – this is, you too would agree, a function of
the above two factors. when you are not bound by any operator
and the service too is free, why not give it a try – exactly!
This is what millions of users did; and what if the service was good,
the content was powerful, the timing was precise plus one could
unsubscribe anytime one wanted to?– excellent recipe!

- Inventory — again, derivative of above factor.

good good points mentioned, there are few factors that may
affect the ‘perfect-plan‘.

They already are doing a terrific job – a huge subscriber base;
many clients choosing this platform, ever-growing subscribers
and channels of service.

It is service well crafted and without waiting for the
giant success stories about it, I salute the risk-takers,
the conceptualizers, the visionaries behind it.

What do you think about this service?
(hello…is there anybody in there?)