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To be…

To be able to decide is the best thing a human being is capable of. Being a human being, at every phase of life there would be a decision required to move ahead.
What some of us do is keep on planning (read postponing), and before we know it, it becomes a habit – addiction!
To decide is to know. Know that what lies ahead with the particular choice of decision. Well sometimes the case may be to know about the one choice out of the decision-basket and nothing about others – what’s to be done in that case? Does one, should one, go ahead on the path he knows and leave all the other possibilities?

From whatever little I have observed in life, I know – generally – most of us follow the electric current path – go where the least resistance is, the one that is easiest. There is so much temptation to instant gratification which is quite short-lived.
To do what one wants to do, it takes a lot of
a) Foresight which comes with knowledge, which in turn comes with efficient observation and it’s subsequent evaluation
b) Focus – to not to forget/deviate and remember what had been foreseen earlier and to continuously see now what you saw then
c) Courage and a lot of it, to see what is being shunned by others, logically being disapproved by the visionaries.
d) Initiative – to just go ahead and…. Go!
e) Madness – to be passionate about something is to be living to follow it – looking forward to something. Upon initial introduction to something new one feels quite passionate but more often than not this fades away. Only for a few can this vision be realized at an early stage – while most spend lifetime discovering that – well they are better than ones completely ignorant (intentionally or otherwise)

I don’t mean to say that delayed gratification is always good, certainly not – eat the ice cream before it melts — but refrain from eating too much of it — diminishing marginal utility takes over…

so what does one do when he feels like eating ice-cream?

Blast from the Past – or is it?

I used to consider myself not an avid but a listener nevertheless, to the hit tunes by the great Mr Snoop Doggy Dogg and i just heard a few weeks back – sensual seduction… nice song from his album ego trippin. hey snoop you never fail to impress and amaze me, both at the same time…this guys got some tunes up his ‘leaves’.

have you had a chance to check the video?

retro style -
and he actually had me believing that this video is old times like 70s and this is what i thought till i wrote this post and when i did do some research on this, i finally found out it’s not – it’s a 2007 album song! – hey anybody reading this correct me if i’m wrong and provide me with the accurate info on this.