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Jodorowsky’s Dune

Shakti recommended this documentary about a month back. He is slightly skewed.

He has recommended a few other things in the past and yes they have all been good. But this one seemed a bit too big. A bit too much to comprehend.

With much skepticism, I put it on last night. And man, what an amazing story – not the movie – but about the movie, the ambition, the passion, the search for spiritual warriors – I’m not even getting into the technical superiority of this movie for which it is much praised. I really am incapable of that.


But just the sheer passion, the emotion that went into making this film is praise worthy. Especially Alexandro Jodorowsky himself – you know that this guy wanted to make this film badly and believed that it would’ve changed the world as we see it and that it hurts him (and always will) that it never saw completion.

To briefly summarize it (ironic, that it was supposed to be a 12 hours movie!), it’s an adaptation from a book, Jodorowsky wanted to hire the best people in their respective crafts – animation, technicians, artists, illustrators, musicians (Pink Floyd…hooo!) – and make an epic that would change the way young generation thinks.

After 2 years of hard work, picking the best guys, story-boarding et al, finally it came down to the last $5 million that the hollywood studios refused to give. Jodorowsky’s intense passion (and the stand that it would be a 12 hour movie) coupled with the fact that he would not let anyone change anything (it is my dream, don’t change my dream) may have been the reason for refusal(ah, and also his previous films being a bit weird). That every studio in Hollywood was pretty impressed with the work done so far, is not even a question.

It is not the movie itself – I mean if this movie was made, I really don’t know if it would have changed the world as we see it – but this documentary really did leave a great impact on me. I’m not sure if I’ll watch it if and when it is released.

So, thanks, SSS!