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Watching out for Apple Watch

The day is almost here when Apple Watch will see the light of the day.

I’m a big fan of apple products – their quality of software and how it integrates with its great hardware. Here’s a good read by John Gruber titled Apple Watch Prelude.

apple watch

I’m really not knowledgeable enough to comment about its pricing or features (most of which had been unveiled in the WWDC anyway). The only point I’m trying to make (or rant about) in this post is about one thing of this new product by Apple which is concerning – battery life.

Why is it 24 hours / 1 day?

That just kills it for me. I own a Pebble and I love it – maybe I fall in love with products I own for a while. When I’d heard about Pebble Kickstarter project, I was mesmerised. It was a breakthrough innovation – a smart watch. I backed it and although it had its own issues (manufacturing delays mainly) I never regretted it – probably cause its CEO, Eric kept updating the backers about the delays, issues, what they were doing about it and what to expect. It was a wonderful journey and I always believed them. Got the Pebble about 1 year after I paid and am happy that I did what I did.

Apple Watch somehow, just doesn’t cut it for me right now. I just don’t feel the need to buy it right now – especially with the battery life that they mention. Probably cause I have a Pebble right now. In fact, it was only about a week back that Pebble went again to Kickstarter to crowdfund the next great version – Pebble Time and I almost started spilling the digits off my credit card. But then I skipped it. Why? because the difference is primary the colour (ok, and that timeline feature) – and I really am pretty ok with my current Pebble v1.0

Getting back to Apple Watch, I really think they have a long way to go – it would not sell like iPhones/iPads sell. I remember saying the same thing when iPad was introduced – I was all like “who needs a tablet – it’s the most useless thing to spend your money on. Apple has lost it” – I was so wrong. Not just the sales, having owned an iPad, I can clearly state that it is truly the best gadget money can buy – even after some 5-6 years post its launch.

I hope I’m wrong again. I would like to see it succeed and hope bhau does some wonderful work out there – I hope I don’t get so put off by the idea of having another gadget which needs to charged up everyday. The only alternative to the Apple Watch right now is Pebble (and its new version maybe, Pebble Time) and I’m pretty happy with it right now. I hope no one’s even thinking about android wear – it’s a joke at best.

Anyway, go Apple go, show the world the next best gadget money can buy – I’ll join ye once i’m convinced. Till then it’s Pebble time.

Super-M – a great speaker which I can’t buy in India

Update: You CAN buy it, it seems from here

Although how reliable it would be, is not really clear.

Saw this on my timeline

I was interested.

Read the article on TC. I was interested even more

Went to kickstarter and read all about it – here’s a video

Half-way through the video I wanted to say this


Pledged $99, retrieved my Kickstarter password – was almost there when I realised that India is not in the list. Damn.

Not sure if I should be happy with the $99 not going out or sad that I won’t be getting Super-M, at least not anytime soon.

I don’t need a speaker – I have the fabulous Harman Kardon Soundsticks, bluetooth and all

and a Altec Lansing dock.

This $99 was for both – the great speaker (which is sand & water-proof) & doing one’s part for this project (it’s 289% funded, anyway)

Maybe later India will be added. Maybe I’ll still be interested. Maybe I’ll own one and post it right here. Maybe it’ll be May by then.



What’s awesome today, becomes shit tomorrow

That’s true for food isn’t it. Even if it’s not awesome.

So you’ve seen 3D movies at PVRs or DT City Center? (i’ll not even pass a tch tch tch look to the unlucky ones who have seen it one at ‘Omaxe celebrations mall’ – next to Subhash chowk on Sohna road, Gurgaon)

May I suggest, strongly, that whenever you – yes you – are in Hyderabad, pay a visit to the Prasads IMAX – and see whichever movie they have running. Yes, whichever they have running. No, it’s not a lame idea if the movie is shitty – the initial effects itself(those ‘welcome to Prasads IMAX…‘) are worth your ticket – I can lay a bet that it cannot be half as shitty as the first one I saw over there (Jack – the giant slayer) – and no, it  doesn’t really matter if the name Prasads is not-so-funky.

This is one great movie experience – it was my misfortune that I saw a really crappy movie. There wasn’t a single awesome-3D-scene – that the movie was a total disaster otherwise is a completely separate issue and that’s ok, that’s not my gripe, not for this post. After the first 1 minute I was blown away.

Recently, thank goodness I redeemed myself, saw Star Trek into darkness there – and was blown away again. I’m not a star trek fan – hell, I don’t even know if it’s different from star wars.startrek spear That scene in first 5 minutes where the spears are being thrown – I almost had one in my eye. Usually I sleep in a movie, especially if I’m a few pegs down (Papa, if you read this, please ignore this part – i’m just lying trying to be funny) – but this movie kept me on, while @tarunsingh09 who happens to be a fan of this series, was snoring away to glory – he must’ve had a few pegs more. All me other mates – @tyagiG @atuly @manishtyagi @ntomar had a great time too and liked the movie, the 3D rather.

Sad part is, after watching the 3D at Prasads, I just can’t see myself seeing a 3D in NCR. Its 3D effects are the effects – the real 3D. Looking forward to seeing ‘the man of steel‘ in the real 3D, tomorrow.

Hopefully, the post title wouldn’t hold true.

Adobe, blurred vision. Again?

Having recently realised and accepted what it should have quite some time back, adobe seems to be too hopeful of HTML 5 now – may be just too much.As said in the post, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.via @econsultancy @eskimon